Alaric Robertson

Sharp Fortune-Teller Wizard 3rd Level


Third Level Lawful Wizard (Conjurer)

Experience Points 114 (190 4th Level)

Languages: Common, Neutrality, and Ogre


STR 12 ( 0)
AGL 9 ( 0)
STA 12 ( 0)
PER 11 ( 0)
INT 13 ( +1)
LUK 34 ( +6)

Birth Augur: Succumbed to Temptation -1 to all Will Saves (Factored In)


Hit Points 18
Initiative +0
Fumble 1d8 -6
Speed 30’


Fortitude +1 ( +1 Base +0 Stamina)
Reflex +1 ( +1 Base +0 Agility)
Will +1 ( +2 Base +0 Personality -1 Birth Augur)


Armor Class 11 ( +0 AGL +1 Padded Armor)


Critical Roll 1d8 +6 on Table 1


Dagger: +1 to hit 1d4 to damage


Dagger: +1 to hit 1d4 to damage (Range: 10/20/30)
Longbow: +1 to hit 1d6 to damage (Range: 70/140/210)

Gear and Treasure

1 Longbow
36 arrows (2 Quivers)
10 arrows silver

3 Daggers

1 Tarot Deck

1 Backpack
10 days dried rations
2 waterskins
1 Blank Book
2 Quills
2 vials ink
1 sleeping bag

Emerald Enchanter Book One Nine Auras

392 Gold, 7 Silver, 50 Copper.

Gems and Jewelery


Skills -0 Armor Check Penalty +4 to visual acuity due to hawk familiar
Anything related to what a Fortune-Teller might know or do (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10).

(Horsemanship, Animal Handling, Occultism, Cold-Reading, Lying, Dramatic Timing, Tent Setup, Tarot Cards, Reading Bones, Reading Palms, Reading Tea-Leaves, and Other Sundry Divination Techniques, etc…)

Weapon Proficiencies: club, dagger, gauntlet, greatclub, hand crossbow, longbow, longsword, shortbow, short sword, and staff.

Wizard Spells
Caster Level 3, Spell Check +5 ( +1 Int, +3 Level, +1 Familiar)

Make a Spell Check, then consult the pages listed by the spell names:


  1. Find Familiar (Silenced, no sound when casting at my choice) p. 141 Manifestation: None.
  2. Color Spray (Terrible to Behold. Becomes Fearsome to Behold. Body Shadowed and Face Glowers Red) p. 135 Manifestation: flash of variegated hues.
  3. Magic Shield (Powerful Caster +1 step to the action die when cast) p. 146 Manifestation: disc of shimmering blue force.
  4. Flaming Hands (Reverse: Sheets of Ice) (Psychic Shield, on the next round, for one round caster gains +2 to Will saves and AC) p. 142 Manifestation: fires spring from the wizard’s fingertips.
  5. Detect Magic (Psychic Focus, +4 to all further spell checks lasting for 1d4 rounds) p. 260 Manifestation: None.
  6. Ward Portal (Reverse: Open Portal) (Stolen knowledge. The formula for the spell was stolen from a mechanized brain from the distant future. Each time the spell is cast there is a 1% chance that the being emerges to take back its occult knowledge… the hard way) p. 153 Manifestation Portal Warded turns to Steel. Familiar Granted


ARCANE FAMILIAR: Grants Ward Portal and +1 Spell Checks

A Sleepy Hawk named Troy


STR 9 ( 0)
AGL 16 ( +2)
STA 10 ( 0)
PER 11 ( 0)
INT 5 ( -2)
LUK 11 ( 0)


Hit Points 10 ( 4 base +2 / level)
Initiative +2
Fumble 1d4
Speed 20’ fly 80’


(Wizard base or familiar, whichever is better)

Fortitude +1
Reflex +3
Will +2


Armor Class 14 ( +2 AGL +2 Armor)



Talons +1 to hit 1d3 damage

Skills: Excellent vision

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 2
1: 4
2: 4
Familiar: 4 (2 +2)
3: 4


Alaric started his life as a part of a family of wandering gypsies. He grew up learning the family trades, especially the art of fortune-telling from his grandmother. He grew especially close to her, as, according to her, Alaric reminded her of his grandfather when he was young. By puberty, Alaric started hearing stories of Demonic Pacts, and how in a gruesome turn of fate, his grandfather became a twisted thing horribly mutated in body and mind by the corrupting alien energies he wielded known as magic. The family fled from the unholy creature that he had become, never seeing him again.

Years later, his grandmother passed away, and becoming tired of the wandering life of his clan, he decided to change his destiny and adopted a life in a small community, trying to learn their ways (In truth, he was smitten by a local girl, and stayed behind to try to woo her). Soon, this small community was being raided, and many locals were disappearing. Alaric jumped at the opportunity to show this girl, Rogina how brave he was, and he joined the posse sent to the ancient ruins in the mountain to discover the fate of those kidnapped (Or, he hoped, to rescue them).

During the rescue, in the bowels of what turned out to be the chaos keep, Alaric almost passed out and had a vision. In this vision, a twisted demonic thing was seen to be sacrificing humans atop a ziggurat, and marked a child with the blood of the innocent. Alaric then imagined that he heard this twisted thing communicating with an otherworldly entity taking shape from the smoke out of braziers, barganing for his soul at the price of his grandson… Then another flash, and the smoke entity whispered into Alaric’s mind, “So it was bargained, and so you have been found, fate brought you to my keep, and fate marks you as mine.” With that, and some water splashed in his face, Alaric suddenly awoke with the knowledge of spell magic. Frightened and with a strong desire to never cast any of it, Alaric continued on.

He did eventually rescue the missing villagers (Mostly thanks to some dwarves and warriors on the team. There was another spellcaster, and she was very free with her magic, much to Alaric’s surprise), and returned to the village. Rogina seemed much more impressed with the heroic tales of Vulfoliac, the minstrel warrior. Alaric was slightly disappointed, but not much, for he did not want to damn Rogina now that he knew the truth of his family lineage (And finally understood why they never settled). Alaric now has the strong urge to leave this place and begin wandering on his own, or, perhaps with some of his new found adventuring companions…

Age: 22
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 163 pounds
Anthropologic Ethnicity: Caucasoid
Hair: Long straight and black. Hanging loose, behind ears.
Eyes: Deep green with flecks of red, as if the irises were bleeding by pinpoints (Awoke from his demonic spell with this new color. He doesn’t realize this yet).
Skin: Sallow and pale

Alaric Robertson

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