Dropeneer Misthaven

Dim Scribe Cleric 3rd Level of Shul the Moon God


Third Level Lawful Cleric of Shul (Brother of the God of the Moon)

Experience Points 155 (190 4th Level)

Languages: Common


STR 7 ( -1)
AGL 6 ( -1)
STA 11 ( 0)
PER 14 ( +1)
INT 7 ( -1) (Note: Unable to learn any further languages)
LUK 22 ( +5)


Hit Points 24
Initiative -1
Fumble 1d12 -5
Speed 25’ ( 30 foot base -5 foot speed)


Fortitude +1 ( +1 Base +0 Stamina)
Reflex +0 ( +1 Base -1 Agility)
Will +3 ( +2 Base +1 Personality)


Armor Class 15 (+5 Chain Mail, -1 AGL, +1 Shield) -5 Armor Check Penalty


Critical Roll 1d10 +5 on Table 3


Mace +1 to hit 1d8 -1 to damage (Note: Nothing Special)


Sling: +1 to hit 1d4 to damage (Range: 40 ( -1 damage)/80 ( -1 to hit)/160 ( -1 die step to hit) ) Stones: 30

Gear and Treasure

1 Mace
1 Sling (30 stones)

1 Steel Shield (carried)
1 Suit of Chainmail (worn)
1 Suit of Studded Leather Armor (in backpack +3 AC -2 ACP 1d8 fumble)

1 Lunar Wooden Holy Symbol

Contents of Backpack:
1 Grappling Hook,
10 Sheets of Parchment (Tied in a bundle)
1 Quill
1 vial of Ink

1 Empty Flask
1 Bundle of Rations
6 Rations
3 Waterskins

1 satchel of powdered mute

3 Silver Vials
1 Vial of powdered flower petals

1 Jug of Red Wine

256 Gold, 4 Silver, 60 Copper

Gems and Jewelry

Special Halfling ordered team gloves

1 Silver Ring shaped as the Serpent Oroboros


Skills -5 Armor Check Penalty
Anything related to what a Scribe might know or do (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10).

(Organization, Literacy, Penmanship, Forgery, Translation of Documents, Study for Long Hours, etc…)

Weapon Proficiencies: Club, gauntlet, greatclub, mace, maul, shield bash, sling, spear, staff, warhammer.

Cleric Powers
Caster Level 3, Spell Check +4 ( +3 Level +1 Personality)

Current Disapproval: 1

Turn Unholy Turn Check +9 ( +4 Spell Check + 5 Luck)
The following creatures can be turned:
Un-dead, Demons, Devils, Chaotic Extraplanar Creatures, Monsters (e.g. Medusae, Basilisks, etc…), Chaos Primes, Chaotic Humanoids (e.g. Orcs), Chaotic Dragons

Make a Turn Check, then consult page 96

Lay on Hands
Choose to either heal Hit Points or Conditions.

Make a Spell Check, then consult page 31

Divine Aid
Make a Spell Check, consult page 31, then accept a +10 to disapproval for the rest of the day.

Can remove 1 point of Disapproval per 50 gp melted down in sacrifice (Or other items of value similarly destroyed as an offering to the God).

Make a Spell Check, then consult the pages listed by the spell names:

First Level
1. Second Sight p. 267 Manifestation: the cleric’s eyes are fused shut but he can still see.
2. Food of the Gods p. 262 Manifestation: a glowing banquet table appears laden with food and then vanishes, leaving the meal behind.
3. Detect Magic p. 260 Manifestation: none
4. Holy Sanctuary p. 263 Manifestation: beam of light from above.
5. Darkness p. 258 Manifestation: Light source appears to become eclipsed.

Second Level
1. Binding p. 270 Manifestation: glittery dust appears in a cloud surrounding the target.
2. Bless (Reverse of Curse) p. 273 Manifestation: The cleric should articulate the manifestation as he casts the spell. The manifestation can include minor physical changes on the part of the target. For example, “Your hair will remain white for as long as this bless shall last,” or “The Lunar Crescent of Shul shall be visible on your breast for as long as this Blessing shall last.”
3. Restore Vitality p. 278 Manifestation: a shaft of heavenly light shines on the target, bathing him in light as his ability scores are restored.

Failed Spell Checks
Each failed spell check adds +1 to the disapproval range for the day (Each day starts with 1 for disapproval).

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 2
1: 8
2: 7
3: 7


A Middle-Aged Dim Sage (Too dim to even learn other languages, in fact his only real skill is fetching books for his aged boss) Cleric of Shul the Moon God. Was too greedy to continue working for no money (When in fact his life was somewhat comfortable compared to others in his village), so when he heard of the treasure hidden beyond the secret portal in the fields, went with a gang of folk to steal what he could so he could live the high life. And, in being one of the few survivors of that extradimensional tomb-hell, promptly swore himself to Shul the Moon God to protect his soul from the threats of the space-demon.

Age: 47
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Weight: 180 pounds
Anthropologic Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Grey, but with patches of his youthful black showing on the sides and in a streak across the center of his head, sort of in a reverse skunk pattern. Yes,this looks ridiculous, but he doesn’t know. Hangs in an unkempt shag.
Eyes: Faded blue
Skin: naturally a rich brown, but seems sickly and faded, as the only light Dropeneer ever gets is candlelight.

Dropeneer Misthaven

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