Laurence Shatterspire

Squire Contaminated by Necrotic Venom


Third Level Lawful Wizard (Conjurer)

Experience Points 129 ( 190 4th Level)

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Gnoll, Lawful, Hobgoblin, and Parseltongue (From Cloak).


STR 15 ( +1)
AGL 11 ( +0)
STA 12 ( +0)
PER 6 ( -1)
INT 16 ( +2)
LUK 26 ( +6)


Hit Points 12
Initiative +0
Fumble 1d8 -6
Speed 30’


Fortitude +1 ( +1 Base +0 Stamina)
Reflex +1 ( +1 Base +0 Agility)
Will +1 ( +2 Base -1 Personality)


Armor Class 13 (+0 AGL +1 Padded Armor +1 Shield +1 Skin of Malison +0 Steel Helmet) +0 Armor Check Penalty


Critical Roll 1d8 +6 on Table 1


Longsword +2 to hit 1d8 +1 to damage (Note: Original Starting Gear)

Dagger +2 to hit 1d4 +1 to damage


Dagger +1 to hit 1d4 (Note: Range: 10 ( +1 to damage)/20 ( -1 to hit)/30 ( -1 die step to hit) )

Longbow +1 to hit 1d6 to damage (Note: Two Handed, 1d16 initiative, no shield Range: 70/140 ( -1 to hit)/210 ( -1 die step to hit) ) Iron Arrows: 18 Silver Arrows: 10

Gear and Treasure

3 Daggers
1 Longsword (Note: Original Starting Gear)
1 Longbow

2 Quivers ( one for iron, other for silver arrows)

1 Waterskin

1 Steel Helmet (Note: Original Starting Gear)
1 Suit Padded Armor
1 Buckler

1 Black Grimoire (Note: Annabella’s Starting Gear)

1 Skin of Malison. In darkness 5’ illumination. Grants user parseltongue, teleport, and armor cloak.

363 Gold, 0 Silver, 47 Copper (Stolen)

2030 Gold

Gems and Jewelery


Skills +0 Armor Check Penalty
Anything related to what a Squire might know or do (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10).

(Horsemanship, Armor and Weapon Care, Heraldry, Literacy, etc…)

Weapon Proficiencies: club, dagger, gauntlet, greatclub, hand crossbow, longbow, longsword, shortbow, short sword, spear, and staff.

Wizard Spells
Caster Level 3, Spell Check +5 ( +3 BASE +2 INT)

Make a Spell Check, then consult the pages listed by the spell names:

First Level Spells

  1. Chill Touch (Reverse: Touch of Warmth) p. 133 Manifestation: the wizard’s hands glow blue.
  2. Ward Portal p. 160 Manifestation: portal clouded by unnatural shadow.
  3. Sleep (Reverse: Awaken) (Mirror Magic: as if rolled 16-19 on mirror image spell: each image costs 1 Per until destroyed. Blue Star: in forehead that shines light in a 25 foot radius) p. 155 Manifestation: ray of shimmering dust.
  4. Charm Person (Karmic Casting: choose to apply a – 1d5 or a + 1d5 to the spell check. Next time the spell is cast, take the opposite roll. After 2 castings, reset to zero. Weatherman: No stars visible in the area for 1d100 years) p. 131 Manifestation: black beam. -1d5 in next casting
  5. Feather Fall (Chain Casting: up to +1 (Based on INT or LUK modifier) per successive casting) p. 140 Manifestation: the target glows with a wispy, featherlike aura of canary yellow.
  6. Comprehend Languages (Casting Circle: Each other wizard aiding in the casting adds a +1. Other mages need not know this spell. Unwanted Attention: A powerful supernatural creature sends a small animal to follow the wizard around for ten minutes. Worms of the Earth: Pale white worms crawl out of the earth, writhing in firery agony before expiring on the open ground. The worms disintegrate into greasy ash in 1d6 rounds. Mentalism: The wizard can cast the spell using ESP alone. He need not move, speak, breathe, or use materials to invoke the effects) p. 136 Manifestation: The text glows.

Second Level Spells

  1. Porcupine Coat (Breath of Life: Everyone within fifteen feet is healed 2d6 damage. Diurnal Magic: 1d24 to cast the spell in the day, 1d16 at night. Mentalism: can cast this spell with ESP alone.* Planar Blink: +4 to AC and -4 to attack for 2 rounds. 2% chance to get lost in the other dimensions. Tide of Ash: All vegetation within 20 feet is reduced to ash. Vegetation creatures take 2d14 damage.) p. 140 Manifestation: Covered in long, sharp quills.
  2. Knock (Accidental Alchemist: within 20 feet, one item randomly turned to gold and another turned to lead Dimensional Schism: 1d7 +1 duplicates of Laurence appear. Attacks are assigned across all seven lasting two rounds. 2% chance I disappear into an alternate reality, leaving an evil version behind. Energy Burst: 1d4 points of damage within ten feet, snuffs torches and weaker flames. Necrotic Drain: The nearest living creature to the caster takes 2d6 damage and each two damage grants a +1 to the spell check. Skeletal Caster: Skin and organs become transparent for 1d4 rounds, gains a +2 to AC against missle attacks. Terrible to Behold: Fearsome when casting the spell, shadows surround and the skeletal appearance is highlighted.) p. 140 Manifestation: Flash of Light.

Item Conferred Spells

  1. Teleport once day, DC 10 spell check to teleport within line of sight 30 foot range. If fails, DC 10 Will save or minor serpentine corruption.

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 4
1: 1
2: 4
3: 3

Most Damage Against an aquatic serpent: Critical 7 points and creature was unable to attack in the next round.



Age: 23
Height: Six Foot One Inch
Weight: 175 pounds
Anthropologic Ethnicity: Caucasoid
Hair: Rough Cut Brown Hair
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tanned due to years on watch

Laurence Shatterspire is descended from a line of ancestry that can trace their roots back generations to the fabled Hereweald Shatterspire, who destroyed the corrupt magus’ tower and brought the region back to the people so they could live in peace from corrupting influences. Hereweald started the oath that Jarldoms should watch for the power of wizards and keep them in check, if ever they were needed, the Jarls would be as servants to man, not as rulers.

Such were the secret stories that Laurence was raised upon, and as soon as he was able, he petitioned one of the knights in his town to become his squire. As someone with the Shatterspire name, it was not a question if he would be accepted, as the name itself would bring honour to the knight in question. And, Laurence served the knight for several years, until the night came when the Hound slew Laurence’s hometown.

The knight tasked Laurence with protecting the few he could within the basement of the bakery, as those with the right to fight died battling an unnatural beast. Laurence left with a select group to go to seek protection from the Jarl in Hirot. And, once they arrived there, they found that the Jarl was supporting human sacrifice in an attempt to appease unnatural monsters instead of battle them.

That reality shattered the first of Laurence’s rules of reality. That someone sworn to protect the people as envisioned by his ancestor would find a way to twist His ancient oaths to protect himself. It was meant that a ruler would be the first to lead the charge, but this coward had changed the entire idea to protect himself.

The next thing to occur to shatter Laurence’s reality was when he became contaminated by arcane energy to the point that he was himself a wielder of evil magics! He is now that thing that his name fought against and that he dreamt of battling as a child. Well, if he was doomed, he had best become the best that he could be and defend the realms of humanity with the last shreds of his tattered soul.

And, with that mission, he follows the survivors of his homeland as they do just that, fight the unnatural to work to make the realms safer for humankind.

Laurence Shatterspire

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