Silima Tuathal

Less magically inclined elf, "The Queen of War"


Third Level Neutral Elf (Quester)

Experience Points 125 ( 190 4th)

Languages: Elven, Common, Troglodyte


STR 15 ( +1)
AGL 8 ( -1)
STA 13 ( +1)
PER 9 ( 0)
INT 10 ( 0)
LUK 16 ( +2)

Birth Augur: Path of the Cub -1 to melee damage rolls (Factored In)


Hit Points 17
Initiative -1
Fumble 1d8 -2
Speed 30’


Fortitude +2 ( +1 Base +1 Stamina)
Reflex +0 ( +1 Base -1 Agility)
Will +2 ( +2 Base +0 Personality)


Armor Class 14 ( -1 Agility +5 Mithril Chainmail Armor) -2 Armor Check Penalty ( -2 Mithril Chainmail)


+2 to attack rolls

Critical Roll 1d8 +2 on Table 2


Mithral Longsword +3 to hit 1d8 to damage

Dagger +3 to hit 1d4 to damage


Longbow +1 to hit 1d6 to damage Range: 70 +1 damage/140 -1 attack/210 -1 die attach

Dagger +1 to hit 1d4 to damage Range: 10 +1 damage/20 -1 attack/30 -1 die attack

Gear and Treasure

Mithral Longsword
Black Dagger
Arrows x40 (wooden tip)

1 Suit Mithral Chainmail

Oil x3
Rations x8
Waterskin x3
Rope 50ft
Bowstring and flammable wood/straw
Parchment and quill pen

waterproof matching group gloves

Platinum ring with rose inset
Azure Dragon heart, eyes, and tongue
Velvet Cloak (taken from her dead aunt)
red glass wand

currently carrying the black pearl in her backpack


268 Gold 72 Silver 38 Copper


Racial Abilities

Infravision: 60 feet
Iron Vulnerabitly: Prolonged contact with Iron causes 1 HP of damage per day
Heighted Senses: +4 to detect secret doors, can check when passing with 10 feet of secret door
Immune to magical sleep and paralysis

Skills -2 Armor Check Penalty ( -2 Mithril Chainmail)
Anything related to what a Sage might know (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10)

Weapon Proficiencies: bullwhip, dagger, gauntlet, hand crossbow, javelin, lance, lasso, longbow, long sword, net, scourge, shortbow, short sword, staff, spear, and two-handed sword.

Elf Spells

Caster Level 3

Armored Spell Check +1 ( +3 Caster Level, +0 Intelligence, -2 Armor Check)

Unarmored Spell Check +3 ( +3 Caster Level, +0 Intelligence)


Make a Spell Check, then consult the pages listed by the spell names:

Level 1

1. Patron Bond p. 148 (Extremely Difficult, when casting, roll a die reduced by 2 steps on die chain) Manifestation: None (-1 to cast)
2. Invoke Patron p. 144 (No change) Manifestation: None
3. Enlarge (Everytime I cast, someone I know dies) p.139 Manifestation: target reverse-ages to the size and appearance of a baby, then amazingly grows back to adult appearance at larger than its former size.
4. Ropework (No Change) pg. 153 Manifestation: rope explodes from the ground like a serpent, then changes to look like rope.
5. Magic Shield (Skeleton Caster, skin and internal organs become transparent for 1d4 rounds and gain +2 AC bonus vs. missiles) pg. 146 Manifestation: giant hand that picks off attacks.
6. Charm Person (Aura of Decay; Wood becomes brittle and cracked within 25 feet of me casting this spell) pg. 131 Manifestation: black beam.

Level 2

1. Nythuul’s Porcupine Cloak (No Change) p. 186 Manifestation: The caster’s skin is covered in long, sharp quills like that of a porcupine.

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 3 (2 +1 stamina)
1: 6 (5 +1 stamina)
2: 3 (2 +1 stamina)
3: 5 (4 +1 stamina)


Oddly has the ability to taste the quality of blood… Has proven such by tasting blood found on the floor.

Silima Tuathal

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