Stannock Ironweaver

Dwarven Sheepherder Archer


Second Level Lawful Dwarf (Broker)

Experience Points 105 (110 3rd Level)

Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Gnoll, Undercommon


STR 9 ( 0)
AGL 16 ( +2)
STA 9 ( 0)
PER 11 ( 0)
INT 9 ( 0)
LUK 16 ( +2)


Hit Points 15
Initiative +2
Fumble 1d8 -2
Speed 20’


Fortitude +1 ( +1 Base +0 Stamina)
Reflex +3 ( +1 Base +2 Agility)
Will +1 ( +1 Base +0 Personality)


Armor Class 16 (+2 Agility +3 Studded Leather Armor +1 Heavy Wooden Shield) -3 Armor Check Penalty ( -2 Studded Leather Armor -1 Heavy Wooden Shield)


Lucky Weapon: +1 attack with all Shortbows

Critical Roll 1d12 +2 on Table 3

Deed Die +1d4 (Use result shown on the weapon roll)


Handaxe +0 to hit 1d6 to damage
Mace +0 to hit 1d8 to damage
Staff +0 to hit 1d4 to damage

Secondary Attack: Shield Bash 1d14 Action Die 1d3 damage (Uses a unique deed die roll)


Shortbow +3 to hit 1d6 to damage Range: 50/100 (-2 to hit)/150 (-1 die step to hit)
Handaxe +2 to hit 1d6 to damage Range: 10/20 (-2 to hit)/30 (-1 die step to hit)

Gear and Treasure

2 Handaxes
1 Staff
1 Mace
1 Shortbow (26 Arrows)

1 Suit Dwarven Studded Leather Armor
1 Buckler

1 +2 Golden Bracelet

15 days rations
4 Waterskins
1 Backpack
50 foot coil rope
1 flint and steel
1 wool and fur blanket
10 torches

1 pipe and 1/4 pound weed

2 poultices (Heal 1d6)

46 Gold 15 Silver 19 Copper

13 Beads 5 Red Beads


Racial Abilities

Infravision: 60 feet
Underground Skills: +2
Smell Gold and Gems: 100 foot range (Can smell a single coin up to 40 feet away).

Skills -3 Armor Check Penalty ( -2 Studded Leather Armor -1 Heavy Wooden Shield)
Anything related to what a Sheep Herder might know (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10)

Mighty Deeds of Arms
Successful when I roll a 3+ on the Deed Die. Deeds start on p. 88

Weapon Proficiencies: battleaxe, bullwhip, club, crossbow, dagger, gauntlet, greatclub, great flail, handaxe, hand crossbow, heavy crossbow, heavy flail, javelin, lasso, longsword, mace, maul, net, scourge, shield bash, shortbow, short sword, sling, spear, two-handed sword, waraxe, and warhammer.

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 3
1: 3
2: 9


Age: 56
Height: 4’3
Weight: 170
Anthropologic Ethnicity:
Hair: Dirty brown hair and long beard unkept.
Eyes: Wide eyed and blue
Skin: brown

One sheep… two sheep… three… – snore -
Stannock Ironweaver was a typical dwarven sheep herder. Spending his days constantly looking over his flock with his father Mordin Iron Weaver. His father always said that herding sheep takes dedication and love, for herding sheep is not a science but an art and liveliyhood! Much like the stone masons and gem cutters of his people, one must put all your effort and spirit into your trade. So with Stannock’s keen eye and hearty soul he aims to perfect the trade that all Ironweaver dwarves are born to perfect…

As the sun sets over the mountain tops, Stannock smells trouble in the air… and a hint of gold.
Worried and curious, he begins to climb to the top of his barn. He studies his field and gazes into the distance. “Bandits.” Stannock calls to his father to ready for combat. His father hears the call and tosses a finely made short bow to his son Stannock. “It is time you two met, this bow has seen more battle than any of us, son. Keep a keen eye on me and your flock.” Stannock ready’s his bow on the upcoming intruders. He counts instantly ten of them, human filth. His father holds off as best he can… the majority of the sheep are killed and Stannock’s father is wounded. Stannock, fires as best as a sheep herder can and manages to kill only three, his father kills five and two remaining retreat like cowards.

Stannock runs to his father to help him, but it is no use… Mordin Ironweaver’s last words to his son are :
“It is your turn son, perfect your trade.”
Stannock scans the area. Only one sheep left. He gives his father a proper burial and cleans what’s left of the farm.
- Inhales –
“I believe I smelled gold before, I can’t rebuild my farm without it.”
“Come my sheep, lets see what we can find.” Stannock grips his fathers bow and begins walking north, his flock of one following.

Stannock Ironweaver

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