Theoderic Hooker

Clumsy yet Lucky Disaffected Orphan Warrior 2nd Level


Second Level Neutral Warrior (Barbarian)

Experience Points 67 (110 3rd Level)

Languages: Common


STR 14 ( +1)
AGL 8 ( -1)
STA 15 ( +1)
PER 8 ( -1)
INT 11 ( 0)
LUK 13 ( +1)


Hit Points 20
Initiative +1
Fumble 1d12-1
Speed 25’


Fortitude +2 ( +1 Base +1 Stamina)
Reflex +0 ( +1 Base -1 Agility)
Will -1 ( +0 Base -1 Personality)


Armor Class 13 (+4 Chain Hauberk -1 Agility) -4 Armor Check Penalty


Critical 19/ Roll 1d14 +1 on Table 3

Deed Die +1d4 (to attacks and damage)


+1 Black Magical Flail +2 to hit 1d6 +2 to damage (Note: Black Metal, +1 Weapon, 1/day Erupt into flames for 6 rounds, adding 1d6 damage))


Gear and Treasure

1 Chain Hauberk
1 Blackened Flail

2 cones of incense wrapped in unholy cloth stitched with the signs of chaos

1dose of Black Lotus (Lasts 1 hour and adds 1d10 to HP. After 1 hour Fortitude DC 10 or -1d4 to HP).

1 Rag Dollie
1 Waterskin

50 Gold, 5 Silver, 40 Copper


Anything related to what an Orphan from a small mountain community might know or do (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10)

(Climbing, Sneaking, Stealing, Picking Pockets, Hideouts, Lying, Foraging, Concealing items on Person, Sensing Another’s Motive, etc…)

Mighty Deeds of Arms
Successful when I roll a 3+ on the Deed Die. Deeds start on p. 88

Weapon Proficiencies: battleaxe, bolas, bullwhip, club, crossbow, dagger, dart, flail, gauntlet, greatclub, great flail, handaxe, hand crossbow, heavy crossbow, heavy flail, javelin, lance, lasso, longbow, long sword, mace, maul, net, polearm, scourge, shield bash, shortbow, short sword, sling, spear, staff, throwing stick, two-handed sword, waraxe, and warhammer.

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 3 (2 +1)
1: 9 (8 +1)
2: 8 (7 +1)


Theoderic was born to a couple of itenerant farmers in the local mountainous regions of the Chaos Keep. Theoderic’s mother died soon after his birth, and his father sold him off for coin to the local slave orphanage, leaving him with the rag-doll that his mother made for him. The local community then kept him gainfully working, using the excuse that he needed to work to cover the benefit of housing and feeding him as well as the other orphans. So, he worked in dangerous situations, placing explosives in mines (And watching his friends die there), cleaning the slop from pig pens (And watching the pigs catch and eat some of his friends), cleaning the outhouses and privies (And watching his friends catch sick and die from lack of treatment), and numerous other such child jobs.

Theoderic then grew to learn how cheap life was, and how uncaring the world was to parentless children. When he heard of local druids in the area, he would sneak over end absorbed some of their philosophy regarding the true state of Neutrality in the universe. The uncaringness of space, and the meaninglessness of life in the face of such cosmic power as Nature and Cthulhu. Entire worlds wiped out and destroyed, while others were created, just because of the twitch of fate. And, soon, all made sense, it was nothing but an accident, all of life. To kill, to die, to show mercy, it was all the same.

Soon after, Theoderic refused to work dangerous jobs, by now he was fourteen and already showing a mean, violent streak. The orphanage headmaster he killed one night out in the field when he found him abusing a child of nine, and threw his body over the side of the mountain. The next headmaster was much kinder, and the village began bringing in workers instead of using the orphans as a sort of forced slave labor.

It is now a few years later, and Theoderic has just returned from a rescue attempt where he was lucky enough to find the missing orphanage headmaster still alive. This headmaster then pleaded with Theoderic to stay behind and not to leave the community, but he knew that would not be the case, he could see it in Theo’s eyes. Theo has had a taste of adventure, has seen that his actions have great consequences, and the young man has nothing to keep him from making his mark on the world.

Late the night that the tax man was in town collecting blood money from the villagers, Theoderic went to those in the posse that seemed similarly dissaffected, and approached them with an offer. “Come with me and see the world, and keep all that you fight for, or stay behind and let this nameless King take the treasure you won with your blood and sweat.” With that, a halfling and a wizard joined him as they stole a hefty bag of gold, a horse, and fled the town at night, to confront the world on their terms.

Age: 17
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 195 pounds
Anthropologic Ethnicity: Caucasoid
Hair: Very short and brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Tanned, weatherbeaten and scarred.

Theoderic Hooker

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