Togram Anisam Serolf

Farmer that Bargained with Nameless Entities for Power...


Third Level Lawful Wizard (Conjurer)

Experience Points 119 ( 190 for 4th)

Languages: Common, Dwarf, Ogre, Troglodyte, Halfling


STR 12 ( +0)
AGL 12 ( +0)
STA 11 ( +0)
PER 14 ( +1)
INT 16 ( +2)
LUK 23 ( +6)

Birth Augur: Speed of the Cobra: Initiative +1


Hit Points 11
Initiative +1
Fumble 1d8 -6
Speed 30’


Fortitude +1 ( +1 Base +0 Stamina)
Reflex +1 ( +1 Base +0 Agility)
Will +3 ( +2 Base +1 Personality)


Armor Class 12 (+0 AGL +1 Padded Armor +1 Shield) +0 Armor Check Penalty


Critical Roll 1d8 +6 on Table 1


Pitchfork +1 to hit 1d8 to damage

Longsword +1 to hit 1d8 to damage

Dagger +1 to hit 1d4 to damage

Staff +1 to hit 1d4 to damage


Dagger +1 to hit 1d4 (Range: 10/20 ( -1 to hit)/30 ( -1 die step to hit) )

Gear and Treasure


1 Hen 5 cp


1 Suit Padded Armor 5 gp
1 Buckler (5 hp to break. Can ignore one critical hit by choosing to break it) 20 gp


1 Large Sack 12 cp
1 Waterskin 5 sp
1 Flask (oil) 2 sp
1 Bag Rice 3 cp

Odds and Ends

1 Whistle 1 sp
Eyes and ears of the Hound of Hirot
1 Torch 1 cp
Skeleton bones
Silver coffer
Scales from Sicuriju Dungeon
Baphotet book of magic

Animal Parts for Summoning:

Feather: hawk, dove, raven, ostrich, eagle, song bird
Fur/hair: different type horses, pony, wolf, fox, hound dog, other hunting dogs, fighting dog, cow, goat, bull
Wool: lamb
Snout: pig
Feet: chicken, turkey, rabbit
Whisker: cat
Tail: rat
Scales: fish (Salmon)


1 Dagger 3 gp
1 Longsword 10 gp
1 Staff
1 Pitchfork 3 cp


460 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Copper (Stolen by Radikal).

(Carrying: 2060 gp, 5 sp, 5 cp out of the total)

Gems and Jewelery
5 pointed star emerald


Skills +0 Armor Check Penalty
Anything related to what a Farmer might know or do (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10).

(Animal Care, Weeding, Hard Work over long hours, Crop Rotation, Pests and Blight, Plant Fertilization and Hybridization, etc…)

Weapon Proficiencies: club, dagger, gauntlet, greatclub, hand crossbow, longbow, longsword, shortbow, short sword, spear, and staff.

Wizard Spells
Caster Level 3, Spell Check +5 ( +3 BASE +2 INT)

Make a Spell Check, then consult the pages listed by the spell names:

First Level Spells

  1. Detect Magic (Tide of Ash: All living vegetative matter within ten feet ( 3 meters) is reduced to ash. Vegetative creatures take 1d14 damage) p. 260 Manifestation: None.
  2. Force Manipulation (Powerful Caster: Roll 1d24 on Spell Checks) p. 143 Manifestation: Caster traces the shape to be created in the air with a glowing finger tip.
  3. Animal Summoning (Natural Born Talent: Roll 1d30 on Spell Checks) p. 129 Manifestation: Animal erupts from the ground fully formed.
  4. Color Spray (Terrible to Behold: Face brightly lit and body is wrapped in shadows) p. 135 Manifestation: Cloud of Many Colors.
  5. Mending (Reverse: Disrepair. Roll 1d16 for the spell check to reverse) p. 147 Manifestation: Swarm of tiny gnomes crawl out from under nooks and crannies to repair the object with hammer and anvil, then they run away.
  6. Ventriloquism (Psychic Shield Round following casting +2 to AC and will saves. Disperses following round. Powerful Caster 1d24). p. 158 Manifestation: Sparkling Air

Second Level Spells

  1. Monster Summoning (Gender Bender: transforms into a female for two hours. Casting the spell again returns me to male. Failure on the spell check locks the female shape in for one day. Mystic Twin: A fully functioning twin face appears in my chest for 1d3 rounds that can also cast spells with a 1d20 die or speak. Natural Born Talent: Roll 1d30 on Spell Checks) p. 184 Manifestation: Monster erupts from the ground fully formed.
  2. Magic Mouth (Mystic Twin: A fully functioning twin face appears in my chest for 1d3 rounds that can also cast spells with a 1d20 die or speak. Natural Born Talent: Roll 1d30 on Spell Checks Planar Blink: For the next two rounds, Togram blinks randomly out of existence granting a +4 to AC and a -4 to attack rolls. 2% chance he is stuck in this other dimension when the duration expires. Psychic Shield: For the next one round the caster gains a +2 to AC and Will Saves. Spell by Proxy: Can touch another creature to cast this spell, the spell must be cast within 1d4 +2 rounds later. No intelligent creatures automatically release the spell at this time, intelligent ones anytime before this duration expires.) p. 184 Manifestation: Per the spell result.

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 4
1: 2
2: 4
3: 1


Togram Anisam Serolf

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