Vulfoliac Havard

Minstrel Warrior 3rd Level


Third Level Lawful Warrior (Knight)

Experience Points 112 (190 4th Level)

Languages: Common


STR 13 ( +1)
AGL 11 ( 0)
STA 9 ( 0)
PER 9 ( 0)
INT 9 ( 0)
LUK 36 ( +6)

Birth Augur Four Leafed Clover +1 to locate secret doors


Hit Points 20
Initiative +3
Fumble 1d14 -6
Speed 25’ ( 30 foot base speed -5 feet armor)


Fortitude +2 ( +2 Base +0 Stamina)
Reflex +1 ( +1 Base +0 Agility)
Will +1 ( +1 Base +0 Personality)


Armor Class 14 (+4 Chain Hauberk) -4 Armor Check Penalty


Lucky Weapon +1 with all longswords

Critical 19/ Roll 1d16 +6 on Table 3

Deed Die +1d5 (to attacks and damage)


Longsword +4 to hit 1d8 +3 to damage (Note: Strange Blade, jewel encrusted +2 Magic)

Dagger +1 to hit 1d4 +1 to damage


Fur-Tipped Longbow: +1 to hit 1d6 damage (Note: Expertly Made +1 to hit, +1d3 on a critical hit. Range: 70/140/210)

Dagger 1d4 +1 (Range: 10/20/30)

Gear and Treasure

1 Chain Hauberk
1 Helmet

1 Dagger
1 Strange Longsword

1 well-crafted longbow
2 quivers
23 arrows
10 silver arrows

1 Ukelele
1 Hand Mirror

1 backpack
10 rations
2 waterskins
100 feet rope
1 pickaxe
1 shovel

367 Gold, 7 Silver, 35 Copper


Skills -4 Armor Check Penalty
Anything related to what a Minstrel (Gleeman) might know or do (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10)

(Memorization, Singing, Musical Instruments, Poetry, Speeches, Diplomacy, Lying, Performances, Traveling, Geography, Knowledge of Royalty and Nobility, etc…)

Mighty Deeds of Arms
Successful when I roll a 3+ on the Deed Die. Deeds start on p. 88

Weapon Proficiencies: battleaxe, bolas, bullwhip, club, crossbow, dagger, dart, flail, gauntlet, greatclub, great flail, handaxe, hand crossbow, heavy crossbow, heavy flail, javelin, lance, lasso, longbow, long sword, mace, maul, net, polearm, scourge, shield bash, shortbow, short sword, sling, spear, staff, throwing stick, two-handed sword, waraxe, and warhammer.

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 1
1: 5
2: 4
3: 10


Vulfloliac Havard was born in the Icy Coast of the south, in a village of the region of Jylland. Being a Jyllander, he was expected to become a warrior, fisher, and to join his father on coastal raids as a Vikingr. During these travels, his grandfather became embroiled in a civil war when a self-styled King Harald Bluetooth attemped to become emperor of the region. Jylanders were slaughtered by demonic magic (Turns out that a misshapen advisor to bluetooth was the true power behind the throne) and legions of things called from the lower realms. Those things gleefully butchered and cavorted in the burning fats of his fellow villagers. Rather than stay and fight in the battlefield of ice and flame, the Havard family took to their dragon longship and fled into the ocean, where the fire magic and burning monsters could not go.

There they used their skill at negotiation, and Vulfoliac learned a new trade, he became a minstrel, and was tasked to remember the legends and lore of his people as a Skald. And so, he became the history for his clan. But, before one can be a true skald of legend, one must go out into the world, learn how it works, and then figure out where one’s clan fits into that picture. So, while the Havards are making a place for themselves out in Uppsala (over one hundred miles away). Havard has been sent on the last part of his path as a Skald. To learn about the world, and return to cement the clan Havard into their new place.

On a personal note, Vulfoliac wishes to bring Harald Bluetooth and his skittering wizard to death. And, as such, he is attempting to use his knowledge of songs and legends to locate other wizards and places of power to attempt to understand them. For, once an enemy is understood, it can be destroyed. And once Bluetooth and the real Power are destroyed, the Havard Clan can return to Jylland and become the legendary liberators of their homeland. The Fjords and Canyons will echo the Havard name, and his family honor will no longer be stained by the act of cowardice by his great-great-great grandfather, who fed his wife and mother to a giant instead fight the beast.

Age: 25
Height: 6 foot 3 inch
Weight: 222 pounds
Anthropologic Ethnicity: Caucasoid
Hair: Long straight and blonde. Hanging loose, behind ears. Lightly bearded.
Eyes: Deep blue with black radials out from the pupil, as befits his ancestry.
Skin: Sunburnt and pale,tends to dress to conceal himself from the sun (At least, this far north. In the frozen southern lands, he tries to get all the sun he can.).

Most Damage in One Blow: 22 points, critical hit arrow vs. Emerald Enchanter with precision deed damage of 5 on his hand.

Vulfoliac Havard

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