Dungeon Crawl Classics

The Rescue of the Villagers
Alorna Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice
The Giant Patchwork Cultist
Alorna fights Posession
The Wiggly Tunnel
The Inevitable Betrayal of the Tentacled Eyed Kid
An Ancient Tomb

The team kept watch throughout the night in pairs. Once during the night Alorna overheard the sounds of people, a few moans, and groans. Blindly she decides to investigate, nearly cracking her head against a petrified statue of long dead peasant, for unfortunately Alorna cannot see in the dark, someone else was able to spot in the early dark hours of morning, robed, humanoid, shapes carrying sacks that seem to hold either small animals or children. The rest of the night was spent rather event less.
Once they completed their morning rituals, the team begun to investigate the cavern in more detail. They followed in through into another the chamber where the large harnessed tentacle featured in the center of the circular chamber. They examined the 50’ chamber and discovered two ascending passages from a level above. Dropponeer, Peregrin, and Kavora identified the passage as the tunnels they had recently explored above, and a duplicate passage about 5’ away from it. They approached the slimy, undulating tentacle, whose girth protruded into the floor where a large hole allowed its massive girth to continue beyond sight. They interacted with the grotesque with care and found it to be receptive to their approach; Almost beckoning their touch.
Eventually, the party decided to attempt to climb the rope ladder rigging attached to the beast. They found that the creature’s body and the rigging continued downward for quite a distance. Finally, after some time, they came across an opening into the wall below.
“This rough-hewn cave looks as if it was enlarged by man-made means. It is long and narrow, lined with wooden caskets resting on the stone biers. The caskets are marked with the symbol of Chaos. You can see the white of bleached bones through the moldering, rotted holes of the caskets”
The party decides to jump off the rigging and unto the ledge to investigate further. They rummage through the caskets taking whatever may have seemed valuable. As they sated their curiosity, they attempted to vacate the old burial grounds, specters appeared and denied them exit.
….to continued.

Into the Pit
They Had No Faces!

Our team finally begins a descend into the moist foggy pit. They do so on the blocky quasi-steps that seem to skirt the perimeter of the chasm. As the cold fog envelopes the space ahead of them, always paces ahead, they are surprised by a small team of yellow robed cultists. The yellow robed cultists attack the group with their knives, expressionless in their featureless faces…

The group finds the attackers easy to dispatch. and continue their downward descent; whereupon, they arrive unto a crumbling stone landing less than 10’ square in size. from it a thick stone door emblazoned with mystical shapes. After a few attempts, Affalon and Gable are able to, in conjunction, open the heavy stone door by sheer strength and will power. Although the door was heavy, it slides in with little trouble once it is opened. Alorna, Dropponeer, Oberon, and Peregrin are puzzled by the strange markings on the door and try to decipher the symbol’s significance by discussion. Silima chimes in at this juncture letting the others know that in all her years of Sage work only once had she come across a language, which looked similar to the strange door sigils, so ancient it was nearly a proto-language.

Once the team begins to explore the newly opened passage, they find themselves once again toe to toe with yet a different coloured robed cultist, who springs forward to attack and a block the entrance to the chamber. Unfortunately for the grey robed foe, his strength and numbers are sub-par against the onslaught of our “hero” invaders. As the cultist lies dying from wounds too deep, an octoplasm ruptures his seemingly waterlogged skin, making way for its slick black body and a quick last attack by the tentacled being. Although quick and alarming, the Octoplasm is brought down night immediately.

With all bogies dispatched, the group examines the chamber thoroughly. Towards the back of the chamber, lies a large stone block altar; atop which, four black glass-like eggs rest. At this point the weirdness of the room’s contents become clear, among these, is a censer burning some type of putrid-sticky scented substance. The characters, uneasy about their surroundings, are doubly dutiful in searching out for clues as to the purpose of the room and secret doors.

They find the following:

*Altar is Hollow
*Altar has been moved recently (scratches on the floor)
*Secret Door (once altar is moved)
*Hollows on the north and East Walls (pin sized, 2’ from ground).

they decide to investigate the secret door.

“This dark cramped crawlspace is barely 3’ tall. it is filled with quivering recedes off into the darkness”.

From within the crawlspace a swarm of red spiders attempted to envelope the party. Alorna used her spideylingual abilities to communicate with the vermin; learning that the crawlspace continues into a long hallway; the swarm refuses to vacate the passage, promping the team to smoke them out. After which, sending in a recon party comprised of Oberon and Peregrin to investigate the the secret crawlspace.
Oberon and Peregrin, found out that the left most wing of the tunnel, surrounded the chamber where the rest of their party was waiting for them and the possible use for the orifices on the Eastern and Northern walls. Thereafter the scouting party braved the swarm, deeper in the dusty webbed, and dank passage.

exploring further into the darkness.

The spiders in their nests grew ever more aggresive toward Oberon and Peregrin. As they passed by, the vermin made sure they were properly bitten, and injected with a fat dosage of venom. The bites became so severe specially for Oberon, that it was by a near-death experience as he collapsed filled with the toxin and fevered with visions of his own demise. At last the scouts retreated back into the company of the rest of their companions. Dropponeer, Kavora and Peregrin decided to return into the passages onward into uncharted darkness.

Dropponeer bathed in spiritual power, was immune to the poisonous bites; Kavora with her dwarven keen underground senses was able to move deftly through the tunnels, as Peregrin guided them along keeping his wits about him. As the scouting party went deeper into darkness, Kavora noticed a slick coating on the floor, not a few paces from where they stood. Peregrin alerted by Kavora, of the weird textural anomaly, searched the corners of the passage, finding a rusty blade held in place by tripwire, and hidden by the thick spider webbing. Once Peregrin disabled this rusty trap, They continued and noticed where an opening on their left showed a strange visage, a large grotesque tentacle swayed and squirmed tied with a makeshift rope-like ladder around its oddly moist shape in the middle of a circular room. Straight ahead, the passage continued, and seem to have no end in sight. The scouting party decided to go back and report to the team, their recent findings.

Once reunited, the team resolves to go back out unto the ledge around the chasm. as they skirted the chasm they noticed that the ledge grew ever more brittle. with the last landing out of sight, an opening on the wall became visible ahead as a cavern. The team explores the cave, which was littered with stalactites and stalagmites.
Deeper within, they encounter a pair of Basilisks who charge an attack. Alorna nearly becomes a stony work of art, realizing that the Basilisks were as blind to them in the dark as they were themselves, Alorna alerted the team of this tactic. Upon, this change in strategy, the Basilisks met their demise upon the character’s weapons, and lost their golden horns in a most undignified manner. Kavora beamed in her greedy glee.

The team explored the caverns noticing that most of the stone obstructions, were actual creatures and humanoids turned into stone by the now dead Stone-Lizards. Further exploration, reveals a circular chamber, with a disgustingly large tentacle, harnessed with a ladder as the scouts noticed in the spider covered passages above.

The team decided to camp out in the Basilisk’s lair for the night.

People of the Pit

As the motley party of once peasents exited the portal just in time before it closed for another 50 years, almost in unison they decided out loud to never return to the lives they left behind.

They had all heard of the tales of the Lands of Quamun as a city which allows many freedoms to their people, and where they could potentially seek out further adventures. Each of them looked toward the near future with a glimer of hope, but individually, all with different reasons.

Soon enough the group were on their way to the city of Quamun they noticed the terrain change and become less and less verdant; eventually they hire a ferry to cross them to the sandy shores of Yazur where the black jagged rocks became a fixture of the new landscape they beheld.

After nearly a week of travel, they finally arrive at the gates of the City of Quamun. Here they find a stange vissage. The Cannanite people seem of an eccentric type, self-consumed in their affairs, and dressed in outlandish (to our former peasents) garb, most of them with some type of mask as a type of status or art decorating their faces. the more intricate and consuming the mask, the more influential and affluent the person seemed.  

As the group enters the city, the elf Silima comments aloud, that her aunt Mastema resides within this city and would gladly house them for a short term. The others seem a bit surprised at this revelation, nevertheless, they kindly accept the offer and set forth to find the elf’s aunt.

soon enough they come across a rummage of conically roofed audifices, whose entrance was covered with a small gathering of elven humanoids. The elf Silima approaches one of them and asks after her aunt. One of the elves gathered by the entrance acknowledges her and separates from the others to inform her that her aunt, in fact, has been missing for a few weeks. He lets her know she is welcome to take residence in her aunts quarters and gives her the key. 

at this point the group decides to go in and take a load off in comfort. as they enter the honeycomb like edifice, they find in a long hallway the Elf Aunt’s apartments. Once inside they, were able to inspect such dwelling in a detailed fashion, even casting spells to see magical energies flowing or hiding something of interest. As it were, Dropeneer senses and sees the signs of magical energy with which he is not familiar, recoils loudly on the evil witchery in the room. Silima, shares with the group the potential of adventure the older elf had told her in secret, as Oberon searches with Affalon for hidden caches and items. Alorna casts a spell just in time to prevent Oberon and Affalon from tripping a magical trap. Peregrin seems fascinated by the gigantic down, plush, bed and decides to lay claim to it by jumping on it and saying as much. At this time, the older elf with whom Silima spoke earlier, pays them a visit. Seeming not to dare to enter further than the doorway, he addresses the group, and announces, that once they have figured out their plans, to let him know if they are interested in the quest he offered Silima. As the group exchanges confused looks, the elf takes the opportunity to take a full look into Silima’s aunts room. Seeming quite interested in the corner with the magic trap; he quite visibly curbs his enthusiasm, since he realized that, by this time the party was quizzically looking at him. clearing his throat, he says farewell and lets them know where to meet if they are indeed interested in questing. 

meeting with the two elves.

Once they’ve all settled and conversed about their new world filled with possibilities, the group decides to take on questing, once again denouncing menial work forever, and pledging in a way to live dangerously and enjoy the wealth that comes with such peril. For a few of them this quests hold deeper meaning. The unraveling of esoteric mysteries, the vanquishing of chaos, and a hopeful reunion with a mysterious relative now thought in peril. 

Our team transversed the wastes of the Qamun Citadel towards the fabled sacrificial  grounds. overall they found the journey mostly uneventful.  The dark and strange lands and their odd nocturnal noises bothered our group as they pass local villages and their inhabitants, chosing to spend nights rotating watch, and camping out. 
Finally, after nearly a week of travel, they see a split in the ravine. Where they can see a marked difference between the vibrant northern lands and the pitted coal like wastes of the South. They knew this was the place where the great tentacled beast had rumored to exist, leeching the people of their young for its sustinence. As the group approached, they noticed the “Offering Bluff” where the chosen were given as tokens for the beast to devour.  Our group examines the rock noticing among many details the now dried blood of the unfortunate. They also notice where such creatures were bound until their untimely deaths. Carved stone steps are one of the details that our adventurers notice, as welll as the imensity of the yawning pit before them.  A stinking mist rises from the depths of this pit, making visibility a real issue, as they can hardly see 15’ ahead of them.

Led by curiosity and purpose, they venture down the steps that seem to outline the pit.


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