Absent-Minded Devotee of Oblivion


Second Level Neutral Cleric of Cthulhu (Pupil of the Priest of the Great Old Ones)

Experience Points 108 (110 for 3rd)

Languages: Common


STR 9 ( +0)
AGL 7 ( -1)
STA 6 ( -1)
PER 11 ( +0)
INT 9 ( +0)
LUK 13 ( +1)


Hit Points 10
Initiative -1
Fumble 1d16 -1
Speed 20’ ( 30 foot base -10 feet armor)


Fortitude +0 ( +1 Base -1 Stamina)
Reflex -1 ( +0 Base -1 Agility)
Will +1 ( +1 Base +0 Personality)


Armor Class 18 (+8 Scale Mail, +1 Full Helmet -1 Agility) -9 Armor Check Penalty


Critical Roll 1d8 +1 on Table 3


Dagger +1 to hit 1d4 to damage (Note: Nothing Special)

Longsword +1 to hit 1d8 to damage (Note: Nothing Special)

Shovel +1 to hit 1d4 to damage (Note: Two-Handed Weapon, 1d16 to initiative)


Dagger +0 to hit 1d4 +1 within 10 / 1d4 ( -1 attack) within 20 / 1d4 ( -1 die step attack) within 30

Gear and Treasure

1 Longsword
1 Dagger
1 Shovel

1 Full Helmet (worn) Octopoid Embossery
1 Suit of Full Plate Armor (worn) Octopoid Embossery

1 Wooden Holy Symbol of Cthulhu

1 Flint and Steel

144 Gold, 0 Silver, 15 Copper (Stolen)

1380 Gold, 15 Copper

Gems and Jewelry


Skills -9 Armor Check Penalty
Anything related to what a Ditch Digger might know (Roll 1d20, all other skills roll 1d10)

(Working in full sun, long hours of labor, soil consistency, placing posts, digging stable ditches, etc…)

Weapon Proficiencies: Bolas, dagger, lasso, mace, maul, net, sling, staff, sword (any), and throwing stick.

Cleric Powers
Caster Level 2, Spell Check +2 ( +2 Level, +0 Perception)

Current Disapproval: 1

Turn Unholy Turn Check +3 ( +2 Spell Check, +1 Luck)
The following creatures can be turned:
Mundane animals, undead, demons, devils, monsters (e.g., basilisk or medusa), lycanthropes, perversions of nature (e.g., otyughs and slimes)

Make a Turn Check, then consult page 96

Lay on Hands
Choose to either heal Hit Points or Conditions.

Make a Spell Check, then consult page 31

Divine Aid
Make a Spell Check, consult page 31, then accept a +10 to disapproval for the rest of the day.

Can remove 1 point of Disapproval per 50 gp melted down in sacrifice (Or other items of value similarly destroyed as an offering to the God).

Make a Spell Check, then consult the pages listed by the spell names:

First Level
1. Food of Cthulhu p. 262 Manifestation: Pukes up seafood items to feed others
2. Blessing p. 255 Manifestation: A tendril of Cthulhu around his neck
3. Protection from Evil p. 265 Manifestation: Burped greenish glow
4. Resist Cold and Heat p. 266 Manifestation: Shimmering Ocean Waves
5. Paralysis p. 264 Manifestation: Greenish binding tendrils of Cthulhu

Failed Spell Checks
Each failed spell check adds +1 to the disapproval range for the day (Each day starts with 1 for disapproval).

HPs Rolled By Level

0: 1 (2 -1)
1: 5 (6 -1)
2: 4 (5 -1)



Has built a shrine to Cthulhu from fish and frog bones (remains of his meals as he has been learning how to fish, to get closer to his True Master) and a fishing net at the edge of the pond near the shed he lives in.


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